• With over 350 clients, from multinationals to the local manufacturers, Newport's expertise is utilised for specific & precise chemical sourcing & distribution.
About Us

About us

Today, Newport Industries supplies in excess of 250,000 Metric Tons of chemicals per year spread over 10 application industries. With Port assets and logistics, Newport Industries is one of the largest bulk powder chemical suppliers in the UK and Ireland.

Continuously & actively seeking alternative sources for the Feed Industry, clients rely on our expertise for reliability and consistency


Animal Feed Industry

Animal feed industry

Production of safe, high quality feed and food is of vital importance.

Consumer concerns on the Food Chain and the quality of what they are consuming has driven the need for even higher quality standards.

Animal feeds and feed ingredients are an essential part of the Food Chain, and play an important role in the production of Safe and healthy foods such as meat, eggs, fish, and dairy products.



Newport’s positioning in the UK & Irish Feed Industry……..Sustainability

Newport’s Feed division is the highest growth division within Newport Industries. 

We differentiate ourselves from existing competitors, relying on sources which are natural and sustainable. 

Our manufacturing partners have ecological and energy efficient manufacturing sites, with insignificance reliance on carbon based or synthetic raw materials.  

Our global activities in different industrial sectors along with our extensive product portfolio enables us to source and manage the  supply chain of a wide range of high quality, safe materials to following sectors:

  • Premix industry
  • Feed compounders / blenders
  • Pet food industry
  • Merchants
  • Integrators
  • Farmers

Newport’s Feed Division supplies a range of totally traceable feed ingredients providing  customers with cost effective, safe and sustainable ingredients, designed to offer optimal animal nutrition